Sharbat-e-Maqbood 1000 ml


An excellent remedy for all types of Hepatitis restoring Liver & Gall Bladder functions. It has a remarkable ability to counter weakness & susceptibility to other diseases after an attack of Hepatitis. Maqbood clears Liver from unwanted harmful deposits. Furthermore, Maqbood can be used as a remedy:

  1. For Anemia
  2. Burning of Hands & feet
  3. Bad Taste / unwanted taste in mouth
  4. Soar Burps


For Hepatitis: Add 75ml in a glass of water three (03) times a day 20 minutes before meals.

For Other Problems take prescribed doze one (01) time in 24 hours. Doze may be increased to two (02) times per day if symptoms persist.

Maqbood can be given to children aged five (05) & above.


Cuscuta Raflexa / Air Creeper, Coriendrum Stivum / Coriender, White Lump Sugar / Mishri, Cassia Angustifolia / Sanna, Cishorium / Chicory, Rahium Off, Tamarindus Indica / Tamerard, Facuscarica / Fig, Preservative (E211).


For a perfect relief continues use for three months is necessary.

Store in a cool & dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

Diabetic patients use it in consultation with their physician.

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