Mufarrah-e-Yaquti 180 gm

Rs 5,500.00

MUFARRAH YAQUTI is a precious herbal preparation which is consist

of 75 most precious & unique ingredients which gives a happy and healthy

life. Each ingredient in its capacity and dosage has wondrous ability to overcome

weakness in the body, laziness, lethargy and listlessness.  MUFARRAH YAQUTI’s ingredients generally are in harmony to provide each organ strength and ability to repair in a natural manner.  It is particularly beneficial to all vital organs by restoring their intrinsic energy.

MUFARRAH YAQUTI creates calmness, peacefulness and a pleasant state of mind making it an important remedy in patients with paranoia, compulsive obsessive disorders, depression & drug abusers. It is instrumental in bringing back composure, poise and balance when feeling miserable, dejected and gloomy.

Although MUFARRAH YAQUTI shows it effects on the body very quickly, but it is recommended to use it for 2-3 months to revitalize and fortify the body.

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