Majun-e-Flasfa 120 gm


Majune-e-Flasfa is an excellent remedy for Muscular Weakness, Maldigestion. It is also very useful to overcome premature ejaculation & Helpful in the production of healthy sperms, Loss of concentration listlessness & restlessness.


Half teaspoon with warm milk, one hourĀ  before or after meal twice a day.


Cinnamon, Almond, Fig, Honey, Walnut, Pine Nut, Piper Nigrum, Piper Longum, Nutmeg Plants, Nutmeg Spice, Raisin, Terminalia Chebula, Lead Wort, Coconut, Chamomile, Silver Leaf, Chlorophytum Borivilianum, Tribulus Terrestris, Salvia Haematodes, Centaurea Behen, Black Cardamom & Abutilon Indicum.


Keep away from children. Store at cool & dry place. Preserve from direct sunlight.

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